Site Survey and Assessment

A professional site survey and assessment is the first step in the processing of selection, design and installation of an appropriate renewable energy production system the client business.

Its stages are as follow: Phone call or email with client, Site visit and Delivering written report.


Our procurement Specialists: manage purchasing process so that we ensure optimize project cost, timely delivery and high quality and balance of system components to construction sites.


Train the client engineers on the operation and maintenance of any large-scale station that we install. Training courses: Entry level covers the basics of solar energy, electricity and safety, Intermediate level covers installation of solar panels and components and Advanced level covers designing on grid¬, off grid and hybrid PV systems.


Which includes plan, design, and implement solar energy projects. We can manage anything from large-scale projects to home rooftop installations.

our expert engineers use standard plant engineering to configure PV plants that maximize project value to ensure that our PV plants deliver the maximum financial results.


Install, mounting structure of photovoltaic modules, Photovoltaic modules and inverters and monitoring system. String configurations for solar arrays, Connecting to the utility grid, Testing the solar power plant performance and commissioning and Maintenance of the solar power plant.